Meet the Team

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Anagha Krishnan

Co-founder, Executive Director

Anagha Krishnan is a third-year biomedical engineering and computer science student at the Georgia Institute of Technology (originally from Dallas, Texas). She is a 2016 Goldwater Scholar, a 2016 Intel Science Talent Search Semifinalist, a 2016 MIT THINK Finalist, and a 2016 USA Biology Olympiad Semifinalist. At Tech, she's involved in biomedical research and the sea kayaking team. Anagha is  passionate about computer science and using it to better communicate with and inspire people. A fun fact about me is that she enjoys eating broccoli because it makes her feel like a giant eating trees. 

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Suzanne Eastwood

Co-founder, Legal and Financial Director

Suzanne Eastwood is a junior majoring in aerospace engineering at Georgia Tech. She was the founder and programming captain of her school's FIRST FTC robotics team, which was recognized at the state level. She attended Governor's School for Computational Physics, where she gained coding experience in Python and FORTRAN, and developed a code in MATLAB for the orbital determination of asteroids. Some additional fun facts about her: a math proof that she developed could potentially be published, and she is a huge Disney and coffee fanatic.

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Nidhi Palwayi

Co-founder, Curriculum Director

 Nidhi Palwayi is a third year computer science major with a minor in technology and management. She grew up in Edison, NJ before coming to college at Georgia Tech, and absolutely loves Atlanta. In college, she is involved in research to automate the classification of rat behavior for pharmaceutical and neuroscience research. She is also in The Agency, which is the artificial intelligence and machine learning club on campus. In her free time, she loves to go to hackathons, and explore Atlanta.

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Lien Diaz

Program Advisor

Lien Diaz is the Director of Educational Innovation and Leadership and a founding partner of the Constellations Center for Equity in Computer Science at Georgia Tech. Lien's work focuses on expanding computer science education across local, state, and national/international scales. Lien was previously a Principal Investigator of a Broadening Participation in Computer Science Collaborative Research grant funded by the National Science Foundation, where she helped develop the new Advanced Placement Computer Science Principles course, leading to the largest course launch in the history of the AP Program. She also has served with the Urban Systemic Program as well as the Mathematics and Science Partnership. Lien is extremely passionate about equity in computer science education, and we are so grateful to have her support and guidance!