About Us

The GirlCodeProject is a student-run organization, based at the Georgia Institute of Technology, that aims to shift the gender demographic within computing-based fields and to instill confidence in the minds of the next generation of female technologists.


Since 2016, we provide young women with a strong fundament in coding and the opportunity to develop marketable skills such as design, presentation, and public speaking. In the spring, we offer a free computer-science program for girls in the 6th-10th grade, exposing them to programming through the lens of game design. We are also developing a coding boot camp for high school juniors and seniors that will serve as a gateway for internships and research assistantships. We are dedicated to inspiring young women in Atlanta and around the country to pursue STEM related fields with proficiency and fearlessness.

In summer 2018, we are participating in Startup Launch with CREATE-X at Georgia Tech. Subscribe to receive weekly updates.